I can't praise this place enough! Clean and huge play area for the pups, amazing staff who clearly love what they do AND my crazy terrier puppy is completely donezo when he comes home. Keep up the great work!- Lacey O'Halloran 

Excellent care and attention to my pup and me. Extremely professional and loving to the pups. Would not go anywhere else. -Pam Forti

The people here are awesome and extremely attentive and caring. My dogs LOOOVEE the daycare program and the boarding is a godsend. They get to play all day in daycare when we go on vacation. I can only say great things about My Lucky Dog! -Meredith Peloquin 
Just started taking my very high energy Mini Aussie to My Lucky Dog and I couldn't be happier. Melissa and the entire staff are amazing with the dogs! My little Ziggy comes home exhausted! -Raven Blanchette 

Our dog really enjoys his playtime at My Lucky Dog - when he knows it's a daycare day he whines in the car until we get there. He is so excited to see his friends! He's completely exhausted when he gets home which is great for him because he loves and needs the exercise. Melissa does a great job and truly loves dogs! We've attended two other doggy daycare facilities and this one has the best set up by far. The fenced in outdoor area is the best! We are so happy to have found My Lucky Dog! – Heather Smith

My dalmation Ember loves it there and always comes home exhausted from a long day of playing!- Pat Poirier 

Macsie loves it there. She gets so excited when I ask her if she wants to go play with her "friends". She comes home so exhausted!!! - Maria DePalma 

My two little players have been there since day one. First off I love Melissa the owner. From the moment we met for our interview she has been friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, open and welcoming. The staff have been amazing and caring as well. My Brady and Penny are so happy to be there with their human and four legged friends. They can't get out of the car and inside fast enough. My Penny loves to announce her arrival which in most cases is bothersome to others. At My Lucky Dog it is welcomed with a smile... My Brady is on the shy side and selective in play. Since coming to My Lucky Dog he has flourished and plays more and more. Thank you Melissa and Pack members for giving my fur babies a safe, fun, happy place to go while I work. We love you guys! -Melissa Clement

I can't tell you how happy I am that My Lucky Dog is in Smithfield. For the first time in the thirty years that I've been living here and have had dogs, I now have a place where I can leave my dog, Molly, and not feel guilty about here being in a crate and lonely. Melissa and her staff welcomed Molly to the facility. Molly was nervous at first but by the end of her first day, she'd obviously had a good time because she came home and crashed for the evening on her bed. Melissa has sent me emails and photos of Molly at Lucky Dog to keep me up to date on how she's doing that day and she gives me a report each time. We're lucky to have the facility here in Smithfield. -Roger Anderson

I love bringing our Bella here !! At first it was very hard to find a place that allowed “ bully breeds” many had wait lists. We kept digging and found My Lucky Dog Daycare. We noticed that they didn’t allow pit bulls about a year or so ago but of course it was due to the ban of pit bulls. So about 5 months ago we called and scheduled a evaluation. She passed with flying colors !! From that day forward we bring her 2-3 days a week. She pulls me from the car totally forgets that I’m her mother once I give her to the friendly staff. Then EVERY time I pick her up she sleeps all the way home. 
Thank you My Lucky Dog Daycare for all that you do, we appreciate it! - Alysa Figueiredo

I brought my dog to My Lucky Dog when it first opened, I have been treated very well and fairly. My dog loves when I tell him we are going and he howls in the car on the way.He always goes racing up to the door and is excited to enter. My Lucky Dog has indoor and outdoor facilities, a little kiddie pool and segments large from small dogs.I have complete confidence leaving my dog here, I see some people are cross due to Melissa not accepting Pit Bulls. I know most Pit Bulls are great dogs but a couple of bad owners have spoilt it. My experience with My Lucky Dog has been great. I'm glad to bring my good friend Truman down any time. – Paul Sadler

Visiting town from Arizona and brought my dog here on a rainy day. Easy online reservation system. Deff will bring him back on another rainy day or if I’m busy all day so he can enjoy playing while I’m in town.- Ty Godyn

We just boarded our baby, Cody, at My Lucky Dog. This is our first vacation having a dog; we've always had cats and had them boarded at their animal hospital (where we have known the staff for over 15 years). Having a dog now, we didn't want to have him in a cage all week, so we took a chance and boarded him here. We are so happy we did this! He had a great time playing with other dogs and getting to run around all week. As a matter of fact, I was picturing a huge reunion when we picked him up - while he was definitely happy to see us, after a minute he wandered to the back again and I think he was ready to stay there with all his new friends! 
I would definitely recommend My Lucky Dog. Melissa and her staff are great, and every time I reached out to her, either with a question before hand or checking in while we were gone, she was very quick to respond and always friendly. We will definitely take Cody back here! - Jackie Parfitt Baptista

I can't say enough about My Lucky Dog! This is our first experience with doggy daycare and all I can say is my dog gets so excited the second we pull into the lot! This place is spotless and there's plenty of room for the dogs to play. I love how they have an outside area so dogs can get plenty of fresh air. My Samson (1 yr old Golden) loves his time here and has made lots of friends! If you want your dog to socialize, have fun, and be well cared for, this is the place!- Pam Shayer