$28.00 per day for full-day daycare.

  • $24.00 for each additional dog in the same family. 

$22.00 per 1/2 day of daycare for six (6) or less hours

  • $18.00 for each additional dog in the same family.

$3.00 for us to provide a lunch 


Prepaid packages (sibling packages now available)

Weekly (5 days) - $135.00 full day/first dog  

10 Visits -              $260.00

20 Visits -              $500.00​ 

Sibling packages are available for 10 or 20 days.


Saturday prices are the same as weekdays; however hours are different and 1/2 day Saturdays are 4 hours or less.

    Overnight Accommodations (Boarding)

    Late Pick-Up Fees: There is a $5.00 late pick up fee for every 15 Minutes
    after 6:30pm up to 7pm. At which time, your pup will be boarded until 
    the next day and you will be charged for an overnight. 

    $20.00 fee for after hours scheduled drop offs/pick-ups.

    This page is a pricing snapshot. Please see the Services page for descriptions, policies and procedures for each provided service. Prices do not include 7% tax.

    Prepaid packages are non-refundable

    Dog Daycare



    $44.00 per night which includes daycare. 

    • $40.00 for each additional dog in the same family. 

    ​$25.00 cancellation fee if cancelled less than 72 hours of stay.  

    There is a one time $10.00 Holiday boarding fee of any boarding that occurs during a Rhode Island State observed Holiday regardless of length of stay.